Stock Car Racing

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Stock Car Racing APK For Android gives you a chance to become a car racing expert. Drive and beat all opponents in competitions.

Join epic racing competitions with other racers to prove your skills

To practice your car-driving or car-racing skills, you are recommended to play racing games. There are many of them you can download on Android devices. Among them, Stock Car Racing seems to suit lots of players. It brings you lots of NASCAR competitions that you can play with other racers in the world.

Stock Car Racing
Stock Car Racing

There is a wide range of stock cars with the NASCAR for you to pick from. After you have picked the one you like, you will get ready to join epic races in multiplayer mode. Other racers are also ready to play with you. So, take this chance to prove your skills and see if you can beat them. The game provides you with lots of tracks to race on. Also, you will have options to personalize your own driving experience as well as enhance your car.

Stock Car Racing offers a bunch of cool features

Here are all the cool features added to this epic racing game:

  • You have some racing modes to choose from and play, for instance, Multiplayer, Regulation, Endurance, Ladder, Hot Lap, and Practice.
  • The car models are quite diverse, ranging from super trucks to modern stock cars.
  • Various tracks for you to race on. They come with different night and day scenarios.
  • You are allowed to personalize your stock car using team colors, racing numbers, and hood decals in the Paintshop.
  • The difficulty of levels will be increased. You start with easy races, but as you play, you can approach more tracks that are harder.
  • The simulation looks quite real. The graphics are made in 3D and the physics are quite realistic.
  • You should reach a higher position and complete all lap rounds fast to get money. Then, you can use it to buy new vehicles. Or, you can use the money to improve your cars, fix them, as well as change their settings.

Stock Car Racing on Android is free and easy to install. It is recommendable for the fans racing games, so you can download and play it for fun!

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How To Install Stock Car Racing APK for Android.

  • Step 1: First, you click to download the APK file of the Stock Car Racing game from
  • Step 2: After the file has been downloaded, you open the File Manager section on your Android device.
  • Step 3: In that section, you find then select Download Files/Stock Car Racing.APK.
  • Step 4: Then, you notice a sentence that said: “Accept the installation of unknown source”. You will see it if this setting has been formed.
  • Step 5: In case the setting has not been activated for your Android device, you can start to set it up by heading to Settings => Safety => Privacy => Install Apps From Unknown Sources.
  • Step 6: Once you are done with the installation of Stock Car Racing.APK, you can start playing the app on your Android device.

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