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Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival APK is a survival Android game set in a post-apocalyptic world. You collect resources, create items, and fight against zombies.

You take on a creepy adventure in this action game. The hordes of zombies are trying to defeat you. So, you must fight against them for your survival. You make your way through a randomly-created map to find some food, ammo, and some supplies.

Then, you make use of them to create some advanced items. They help you safe from the infected waves. You also take care of yourself. Stay dry and warm, eat enough food, and fight with good strategies.

Your goal is to survive the hordes of zombies and become the best survivor.

You can explore the following features as you play the game:

  • You play in a pixel-art-style open world full of signature buildings.
  • Arm your character with enough equipment for your survival.
  • Lots of loot for you to collect.
  • Some stats for you to keep track of, including health, hunger, and thirst levels.
  • Lots of dangers that you have to watch out for.
  • AI survivors are integrated into the game.
  • Day and night cycle.

Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival APK runs on Android. You play it to know how well you can survive the waves of zombies.

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Eder Alba
39.0 MB


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