Jurassic Dino Water World

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Jurassic Dino Water World APK is an interesting dinosaur park construction simulation game for Android. The game will give you a huge collection of underwater dinosaurs.

In the game, you will experience the construction game style, combining breeding. And even take care of dinosaurs and send them to battle.

The game is where players can meet different ocean dinosaurs, build underwater houses. At the same time explore the mysterious world of underwater animals. Collect marine dinosaurs such as the Hammerhead Dinosaur, Angel Dinosaurs, and prehistoric fish Megalodon. Feed, raise breed, fight your sea monsters.

Players have to obey the science in the process of collecting, incubating, and raising more than 50 unique dinosaur species. Choose from a variety of card packs to get more special dinosaurs. Get daily rewards like gold, DNA, and other resources.


  • Provide a wide variety of exciting sea dinosaurs to breed
  • Fight in the underwater battle arena
  • A crossbreeding mechanism
  • Manage your water world as you would in real life- this includes feeding your water Dinosaurs, and arranging food resources.

You will surely have extremely interesting and rare experiences with dinosaurs in the game Jurassic Dino Water World APK. This game for Android will surely make you satisfied.

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David Patzan
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