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Hide Online – Hunters vs Props APK for Android opens a thrilling adventure. You play hide and seek in the famous Prop Hunt genre.

This action shooting game can be played in the famous Prop Hunt genre. You have to cover yourself as a Prop and avoid being detected by other players in a room. Or, you attempt to escape away from them.

In the room, there is a variety of objects for you to make use of. For instance, you can turn yourself into a chair, a box, a cup, or a lavatory pan.

They are hidden objects. Hence, you can use them to cover yourself so other players will not detect you. The Hunters go seek Props. Therefore, the Props must carefully hide from the Hunters for a chance of winning.

Hide Online features:

If you are on version 4.9.0, you can enjoy the Winter Holidays in the game. It features:

  • A special map with lots of Christmas gifts.
  • Four Christmas packs with a great skin called the Snowman.
  • There is also a Christmas sticker pack for you to explore.
  • A simple yet fun gameplay mechanic.
  • You play in a large room full of objects such as a chair, box, cup, and a lavatory pan.
  • Great graphics with stunning effects.

Hide Online – Hunters vs Props APK on Android brings a fun adventure to players. You can play hide and seek to perform your skills.

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