Dark Riddle

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Dark Riddle APK is a unique horror game for Android. In the game, you have the task of breaking into the neighbor’s spooky house and uncovering horrifying secrets.

When moving to a new house, you find the behavior of the neighbor in the house opposite is quite strange. He is a very evil man who never gives up his plot. You even hear some strange sounds coming from his house regularly.

And one night, this neighbor came out of the house with a sealed bag shaped like a human body. It’s clear that something terrible is going on. Unable to pretend not to know, you decide to break into the neighbor’s house and find out his secret!


  • Upgrade the camera system with a first-person perspective, allowing you to move freely and observe your surroundings easily.
  • Find and use useful items such as flashlights, keys, gas tanks, etc.
  • Always look around because this killer can be waiting for you anywhere.
  • When a critical situation occurs, the player can find a way to escape and run into his own house
  • Your target is the killer’s basement. That place is the key to unraveling all his terrible secrets.
  • The game has a great soundtrack with a creepy tune that perfectly conveys the scary atmosphere of a horror movie.
  • Collect evidence to accuse the evil neighbor in the game

What will be your fate in this dangerous incursion? Download Dark Riddle APK for Android and play now to find the answer.

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Eddie Espinosa Silva
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