Cyber Hunter

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Cyber ​​Hunter APK is an open-world Battle Royale game for Android. The game has a unique combination of genres such as survival, shooting, and exploration.

The game opens up the interactive features of physics and builds a very cool environment. You can climb or cling to any surface, hover in the air, destroy structures. You can even swim in the game’s huge map.

Basically, the game still proceeds according to the survival method like normal games. You need to try to collect items to survive to the end of the shrinking circle. However, there will be more interesting and unique details only in the game that you will discover during the game.

Players can create their own basic character designs. You can create shapes from your face, skin color, contours according to your own aesthetic taste.

There is a full range of options to customize the size of eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows… according to the meaning as long as you can be satisfied.

The game has a lot of re-entry elements, but it’s an open world. Leaving a shooting game style quite strange compared to other games. So the experience reviews of this game are often very good and bring a sense of discovery to the player.


  • Undersea rescue mission
  • New Map – Avatar Factory
  • Team Battle Upgrade
  • New equipment – improved sniper rifle
  • New game mode – Loot Lord
  • Don’t miss the Pass Reward
  • Gift exchange

What are you waiting for without downloading Cyber ​​Hunter APK for Android today?

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ဂ်င္းေကာင္ ဂ်င္းေကာင္
2.2 GB


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