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Among Us APK for Android is a multiplayer action survival game. You have to prepare a spaceship and find out an Imposter among the Crewmates.

The game lets you play online or local through WiFi with 4 – 15 players. There are two roles for you to take on. You can be either a member of the Crewmates or an Imposter. Each role also has different objectives.

If you are a member of the Crewmates, you have to:

  • Complete tasks to prepare the ship.
  • Eliminate the Imposter.
  • React to undo the destruction of Imposter.
  • Check the Admin map as well as Security cameras. This helps you keep tabs on other Crewmates.
  • Vote for the Imposter.
  • You will win if you complete the tasks or detect and vote for Imposter.

If you are an Imposter, you have to:

  • Defeat Crewmates and frame bystanders.
  • Act like you are doing tasks to blend in with the Crewmates.
  • You sneakily explore the vents to move about the ship.
  • Utilize sabotages to create chaos and divide the crew.
  • Close the doors to trap the Crewmates and defeat them.

Game features:

  • You can customize your character with elements such as colors, hats, skins, and pets.
  • Various game options for you to use in the game.
  • You play on different maps, including The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus, and the Airship.
  • There is a host list that helps you find a game online.
  • You can chat in the game.
  • The game has Rich Discord integration.

Among Us APK runs on Android. You can play it with your friends and use your skills to complete the tasks to win.

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