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Piano Academy – Learn Piano APK for Android is an application for piano learners. You can learn how to play piano and have piano knowledge.

There are lots of music applications for you to learn. If you are interested in learning piano, you can learn how to play it using the Piano Academy application.

The app is suitable for people who want to be proficient in playing the piano. When you use the app, you can practice your piano-playing skills. Then, you can play your favorite songs. There is an on-screen touch keyboard in the app. You simply touch it to play the song.

Besides, the app also allows you to connect MIDI. It helps you find out the notes that you play if you use an acoustic or electronic piano.

Features of the app:

  • There are tutorial videos for you to watch. They teach you theory topics such as notes, staff, chords, etc.
  • The app listens to the notes you play. It brings you feedback.
  • You can read real sheet music to practice playing tunes.
  • Lots of fun games for you to play to train your musical skills.

Piano Academy – Learn Piano APK on Android helps piano-learners practice and improve their piano-learning skills.

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