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Lingokids APK is an Android app for children. It helps children learn a lot of words through different topics. They can enhance their skills.

The skills of children can be improved using various Android applications. Lingokids is a great application for children. It teaches children new words through lots of topics.

Children can use the app to practice the alphabet (ABC) or practice their listening skills through audiobooks. Besides, there are also songs for them to sing along with.

The app features some games for children to improve their skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

Another great thing about the app is that it features some funny characters such as Lisa the Cat, Billy the Chick, etc. Your children will play with lots of furry friends when they use the app to learn.

Features of the app:

  • Various numbers in English for your children to learn.
  • Your children can learn Alphabet so they can write and learn grammar.
  • Besides words and grammar, the children can also learn colors. They can write and pronounce colors.
  • The memory of children can also be improved with shapes.
  • The app features animals. Children will learn how to spell and pronounce the animals’ names.
  • There are also vocabulary and phrases in relation to fruits.
  • Children can learn to communicate in English through lots of topics.

Lingokids APK for Android is a great skill tutor for your children.
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