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Flashcards – Study, Memorize & Prepare for exams APK is a learning app through sets of cards. This app for Android allows each person to easily create learning sets.

This app will help you improve your foreign language learning experience. It allows you to add different words that you want to memorize in any language.

The app makes it easy to create and manage your flashcards. You can create an unlimited number of study sets for any topic, from language to geography

Only study the cards that you are about to forget. That way your learning will be more focused on the cards you need to learn.

Flashcard sharing can be done by creating a temporary link to a collection. Different learning modes will make your learning fun and entertaining. If you already have a CSV file with some tags, you can easily import it into the app.

The app also offers different assessment modes to help you stay engaged and connected as you learn. It includes a written review, a memory game, and an audio player to listen to your work in the background.

Learners can also access it offline and synchronize data across multiple devices. This allows cards to be moved between sets, merging created sets.

In addition, the app also offers language games for you to build and improve your vocabulary. This makes learning more engaging and enjoyable.


  • Learn foreign languages ​​through cards in the most convenient way.
  • Create and share card sets with friends easily.
  • Various modes of learning assessment.
  • Synchronize data across multiple devices.
  • Provides some games to improve vocabulary.

Flashcards – Study, Memorize & Prepare for exams APK is really a useful application for your studying. Therefore, you should not ignore this application for Android in the future.

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